Caldos, Sopas, and Pozoles: What to Eat in the Mission This Winter

I had a whole seasonal angle in mind for this week's full-length restaurant review of Mexican, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan soups in the Mission. And then, well … just look out the window. You'll just have to eat soup for the love of it, not its chill-dispelling effects. 

The neighborhood is rich with options. There are pozoles ruddy with chiles and spiked with cilantro and lime, as well as caldos with deep, dark broths and lightly poached vegetables. You may have to set your cell phone's calendar to remind you that Tuesday is sopa de albondigas day at SanJalisco, or that Sunday is the day to find menudo and pozole at Gallardos and El Delfin. Over the course of a few months of eating, I've probably tasted two dozen of the Mission's soups — and then picked four of my favorites to write about.

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