Calorie Count Lesson #1: Get the Croissant

Standing in front of the pastry case at the local coffee shop, we're prone to make decisions based on certain assumptions about nutrition: Since dried fruit is healthier than doughnuts, we pick the blueberry scone over the apple fritter. Seeing as how bananas trump butter on the USDA pyramid, that slice of banana-nut bread is clearly better for us than a chocolate croissant.

Oho! How wrong we have been.

Today's the first day SFoodie has stepped into a chain store ― Starbucks, to be exact ― since Jan. 1, when the California state law requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts went into effect. We went there, in fact, to confirm a horrified friend's report: “Did you know that a slice of Starbucks' banana-nut bread has 490 calories,” he gaped to us after a trip to one branch, “and a chocolate croissant only has 300?”

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