Canela Revives Halloween in the Castro

The 6-year-old tapas restaurant does the ‘Time Warp’ again.

Halloween in the Castro was a fun party for years and years — until some jerkwads had to get all stabby and shooty and ruin it for everybody. While street closures and group costumes that clearly took months to assemble are likely a thing of the past, one restaurant wants to revive the spirit of Lucifer and all his sexually perverse demons.

Canela Bistro & Wine Bar celebrated its 6-year anniversary this month with a prix fixe series, and chef-owner Mat Schuster wants to keep the party going with another one, this time with a Halloween theme.

Between Thursday, Oct. 26 and Tuesday, Oct. 31, you can get a stunningly affordable, four-course tasting menu for only $45 (with optional wine pairings and Halloween cocktails). Starting with a syringe “shot” of Bloody Maria gazpacho, Schuster moves through a smoking pumpkin fondue made with crab and manchego, a chocolate mole-braised goat with candy-cornbread and “fried hag hair,” and a chocolate peanut butter cup “cake” with a “mellow marsh mummy” and a tequila gummy shot — worm included.

Moreover, if you hold a passport from Transsexual Transylvania or if you’re just a fan of timeless camp, Canela teamed up with Ray of Light Theatre’s production of The Rocky Horror Show (at the Victoria Theatre, Oct. 26 through Nov. 4) giving away a special post- or pre-show pintxo for anyone in costume or holding a ticket stub. You can also get a discount on tickets using the promo code CANELASF.

We have it on good word that the fried hag hair is not a tangled clump of Frank N. Furter’s wig.

Canela Bistro & Wine Bar, 2272 Market St., 415-552-3000 or

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