Cater2.Me Starts Up BetaKitchen, a FiDi Lunchtime Popup

“I used to work at a financial company downtown,” says Zach Yungst, “where I realized that there were good lunch options at Ferry Building but pretty poor options otherwise.” Last year, Yungst and a college friend, Alex Lorton, started up Cater2.Me, a San Francisco-based company that provides companies with catering from restaurants, street-food vendors, and popups.

On Friday, they're breaking in to the popup business themselves with BetaKitchen, a weekly lunchtime popup at John Colins. While San Francisco food trucks have an increasingly difficult time acquiring street spots, there are any number of downtown bars that have excess kitchen capacity but not much in the way of lunch business. Yungst has secured all the proper inspections and permits to turn John Colins, their first host, into a popup venue. “We're bringing the same guys we're using on the catering side,” Yungst says. 

Soul Groove, which normally appears late-night at restaurants in the Upper Haight and Mission, will be staring in the first BetaKitchen this week. They'll be serving their signature chicken-and-waffle sandwich, as well as waffle sandwiches stuffed with vegetarian and vegan faux-chicken, potato salad with Creole mustard, and tortilla-waffle nachos topped with bacon-wrapped fried chicken, cheese, and other fixings.

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