Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, at ROOH

Choose either three ($50) or four ($65) courses with an optional all-Indian whiskey tasting flight ($30).

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is a time to embrace hope over despair, light over darkness, and good over evil. In a moment fraught with political, environmental, and social turmoil, this celebration couldn’t have come at a better time. So for just a few days, take a moment to put the natural disasters and the corrupt men-in-power to the back of your mind and choose instead to gorge yourself on a celebratory feast at one of San Francisco’s most unique Indian restaurants.

ROOH isn’t your traditional Indian dining establishment. Open just over six months ago, ROOH flips traditional curries and tandoori on their heads with inventive touches that feel more at home at a Michelin-starred restaurant than an Indian eatery. Tamarind gels, buttermilk sorbets, parmesan mousses, and goat cheese and burrata add depth to typical dishes. Where else can you find artichoke and yam tandoori, beetroot murabba, and tomato kut with burrata?

To celebrate Diwali, the most celebrated festival in India, ROOH offers a special menu that takes traditional Indian flavors and combines them with local ingredients while using modern techniques. Choose either three ($50) or four ($65) courses with an optional all-Indian whiskey tasting flight ($30) or special beverage pairing that includes one welcome cocktail followed by wine pairings ($30).

The lengthy menu allows you to choose each dish per course. Start your meal with an array of snacks, then move onto a small plate of potato tikki, paneer chili, pulled jackfruit taco, tuna bhel, or kahmiri lamb ribs. Opt for an elective middle course in the form of of tandoori mushrooms, achari lobster, or quail pepper fry. Then dig into a main course featuring paneer pinwheels, spiced pumpkin risotto, traditional butter chicken, beef short ribs curry, and more. Accompany your meal with the usual additions like garlic naan, saffron rice, and chickpea curry or spice up your dishes with avocado and garlic raita or aubergine and yogurt curry. For dessert, cap off your meal with carrot halwa cake or a saffron malai tart.   

Take a break from the chaos and take a moment to celebrate the light in the world, starting with ROOH’s prix-fixe Indian feast.

Diwali, Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 19-21, at Rooh, 333 Brannan St., $50-$65 plus $30 optional beverage pairing, 415-525-4174 or roohsf.com


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