Celebrity Sighting: Captain Kirk Drinks Decaf

Well, well, well: According to the counter guy at my video store, William Shatner stoped into Ritual Roasters on Valencia and 21st last night, fresh from his joint appearance with the still-hottt Sir Patrick Stewart at San Francisco's Star Trek Convention. He was not, apparently, escorted by men in Klingon prostheses. Boldly going where the great man went, I immediately walked to Ritual to engage the counter staff. No success ― the woman I talked to hadn't yet heard about the visitation from her coworkers, so no stories of Priceline deals or overeager fans. In honor of the visit, though, I ordered Kirk's reported drink, a double decaf macchiato. The captain has good taste ― the macchiato had just enough froth to knock out the tribble treble notes in the flavor and smooth over any bitterness, leaving only the deep, throbbing bass of the dark roast. 

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