Central Coast Creamery: Taste-Testing Paso Robles' (and SFO's) Surprise Cheeses

Most airports continue to ignore the obvious truth that the feet that flow through their halls are connected to hungry people with both cash and palates — and little interest in airports' plebeian gruel and fast-food fare. Fortunately, SFO has taken the bold step with the new Terminal 2 of actually having great food, even great packaged food. I spent a half hour wandering the aisles and saw many familiar labels from posts past, and even found a few new ones, including an artisan Cheese Company from Paso Robles.

I remember Paso Robles when the only entertainment was a karaoke machine that moved from bar to bar depending on the night, and the Paso Robles Inn — your only real place to stay, there — stretched the meaning of the term “Inn.” Today Paso has an upgraded Inn and several high end competitors, plenty of restaurants, several of which are quite good, an array of wines well worth drinking, and a growing community of artisan retailers and producers, so cheese had to come along eventually.

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