Chaac Mool Is Being Moved Out of Dolores Park Into the Street

For such a little cart, Chaac Mool has been the target of a large scandal. More than a year ago, some Missionites began complaining about the SF Department of Recreation and Parks' decision to award food-vending licenses to Blue Bottle Coffee and La Cocina, which then sublet its trailer to Chaac Mool. The department currently licenses seven vendors to operate food carts or trucks in SF's public parks, most of them in Golden Gate Park (Off the Grid, which organizes weekly truck gatherings, has permits for several parks.)
The activists, spearheaded by people connected to Mission coffee shops, complained that these vendor licenses constituted a privatization of public space, though they exempted the stream of people wandering around the park selling paletas, beer, cookies, empanadas, and pot truffles from their complaints. (About Golden Gate Park they have remained totally mum.) The opposition worked, to a certain extent; Blue Bottle withdrew from the park, while La Cocina ignored threats of a puke-in and moved forward with the launch of the Chaac Mool trailer this spring. 
Now, it, too, is being moved off the park — sort of.

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