Chabaa's Secret Thai Menu Gets Official Translation

Nearly two years after former SF Weekly restaurant critic Jonathan Kauffman discovered and then had translated the “secret” Thai menu at Chabaa to run here on SFoodie, the restaurant (which has locations in the Sunset and Tenderloin) has officially decoded the offerings for everyone. It's even charmingly labeled “Secret Thai Menu” in English.

It's a huge menu, too: 39 items and counting, including sauteed wild boar, steamed seafood curry custard, fiery North and Northeastern sausages, and a country-style pork neck (a Kauffman favorite). Keep in mind the regular menu easily has double the options and is difficult to narrow down, but many of these offerings are tailor made for those who like it hotter. One item not available here, however, are those provocative boat noodles in a blood-based broth; if you're in the TL, you'll have to go to nearby Zen Yai for that.

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