Chaka Khan Goes Veganish, Raw Choco Tacos, and Eating Vegan on Food Stamps!

  • I have some of the most very exciting news for you: Chaka Khan has adopted a vegan diet! Apparently to lose weight for health reasons but I'm still excited. I love some Chaka Khan! Let's all enjoy Tell Me Something Good.
  • If you haven't heard of Beyond Meat, you might be dead. Everyone is talking about it! Now the Twitter guys are backing it. Basically, it's the latest. You should probably try it unless you want to be a total square (pro tip: you don't want to be a total square!).
  • Raw vegan Choco Tacos! Sort of! I love when savory things and sweet things switch places. Savory donuts, dessert nachos, it's all genius.
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