Cherry Bombe Puts Out Anti-Harassment Poster

The women-in-food magazine combats restaurant-industry misconduct with a PSA modelled after those 1980s anti-choking posters.

Cherry Bombe, the biannual magazine about women and food that also produces a podcast and a food conference, has an excellent new weapon in the fight against entrenched sexual misconduct in the restaurant world: a vibrant poster. Designed by Kelli Anderson and The Perennial co-ownerKaren Leibowitz, it emerged at the recent 2018 Cherry Bombe Jubilee held in New York, and it’s modelled after the 1980s posters that instruct people what to do when a fellow diner is choking.

Leibowitz told OpenTable CEO Christa Quarles that she’d come to think of harassment “as a hazard like choking; that is, a preventable problem that we should talk about openly, in full-color posters, in order to prepare ourselves to overcome it.”

(Cherry Bombe)

As with the Heimlich maneuver, the red-and-black poster encourages victims to follow four steps: keep a record, tell your employer, make it official, and find allies — and to watch out for verbal abuse, touching, and coercion. California workplaces are already obliged to post information about various labor laws in conspicuous places, so it would be great to see this become widely available as well. 

The poster is available via free download in English and Spanish, but you can also buy it for $10 here.

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