Chinatown's Yummy Bakery: Egg-White Custard Tarts and Japanese Cheesecake

We confess to being cult devotees of the freshly made egg custard tarts at Golden Gate Bakery, so we felt compelled to investigate rumors that a relatively new bakery with egg-white tarts was garnering fans.

Chinatown's Yummy Bakery is making a good impression on locals for the high quality of its baked goods. Browse the display case to see which items need restocking, and you'll soon notice that the egg-white tarts ($1.10 each) are among the best sellers here. Egg-white tarts are common in Hong Kong; we know of only two other S.F. bakeries that occasionally offer them. Don't despair if you see only a few in Yummy's case. Knowing how popular they've become, the bakery often has surplus stock in back, delivered from its baking facilities in South San Francisco.

While obviously not as fresh-from-the-oven as the ones from GGB, the tarts here are well made (there are regular custard ones too). Egg white tarts are less forgiving when overcooked ― they can lose their suppleness, turn hard, and develop cracks. But soft fillings and crisp, flaky crusts made these comparable to the best egg-white tarts we've had anywhere, in a word, yummy.

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