Civic Center Carl’s Jr. Abruptly Closes

The infamously sketchy fast-food spot has closed its doors permanently.

Fans of late-night Double Western Bacon cheeseburger meal deals served with a side of squalor and a beaten up old-school laminated order number card, you have one less option in San Francisco. The 24-hour Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito at Civic Center’s U.N. Plaza has suddenly closed down without notice.

Hoodline reports that a window sign has been posted on the 10 U.N. Plaza location saying, “Business closed forever. Please visit our other restaurant at 5th and Market.” An additional sign indicates the building owner has a one-month permit for a debris dumpster outside the building.

The furniture has already been cleared from the premises. Tiles, walls and other infrastructure are in the process of being removed.

Since most Carl’s Jr. locations are franchised to individual owners, this closure does not indicate a larger pattern of Carl’s Jr. shutdowns. San Francisco’s surviving Carl’s Jr. at One Hallidie Plaza (Market Street and Fifth Street) is still open 24 hours.  

The Civic Center Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito leaves a legacy of one-star Yelp reviews that acknowledge the location’s dining experiences were, at best, a mixed bag. “Not only was this the most appalling Carl’s Junior I’ve ever had the misfortune of visiting, it may also win the award for most appalling fast food joint, period,” writes one reviewer. “And I have lived in L.A.!”

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