Class Alert! Master Twinkies, Chai and Cereal

The Pastry Shop: Favorite Childhood Junk Foods

Where: Cavallo Point, 601 Murray Circle (at Fort Baker), Sausalito, 339-4700

When: Wed., Sept. 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Cost: $55 adults/$25 children (plus tax) (reserve by calling 888.651.2003)

The rundown: Cavallo Point, otherwise known as the Lodge at the Golden Gate, offers a palette of cooking classes ranging from basic technique like knife skills to whimsical ideas like this one. Learn how to make elevated and way healthier forms of Hostess and other treats, including dark chocolate “Ho-Hos,” citrus “Twinkies,” and strawberry-glazed “Pop Tarts.” Kids are welcome.

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