Classic Simpsons Trivia Gets Spicy This Sunday

This chili-pepper hallucination at Cafe du Nord is so intense, it could even cause ‘Boo-urns’ on Jebediah Springfield’s silver tongue! Purple monkey dishwasher.

Are you still bummed that voters didn’t choo-choo-choose to re-elect Sen. Claire McCaskill last week? Well, we’ll be dead in the cold, cold ground before we recognize Missouri, anyway. But don’t write “Don’t Tread on Me” on your butt, embiggen yourself at a round of Classic Simpsons Trivia on Sunday, Nov. 18!

This is the “Space Coyote edition,” so bring E-Mail, Cosine, Database, and your other Superfriends for a five-alarm chili of obscure trivia at Cafe du Nord. It’s made especially spicy through Guatemalan insanity peppers that may make you hallucinate that Johnny Cash is secretly feeding you the correct answers. (He’s just your memory, though. He can’t provide any new information.)

Hosted by frequent SF Weekly contributor Zack Ruskin (whose business card is a sponge) and occasional SF Weekly contributor Adrian Spinelli (who graduated from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College), this version of Simpsons Trivia is notable in that they basically ignore the shitty, every-celeb-plays-themselves episodes from the current millennium and focus entirely on the good ones from the ’90s.

Even though the Northern Lights localized exclusively within the kitchen ruined the steamed hams, chef August Schuchman of West of Pecos has put together a Space Coyote-themed menu. While he may go to jail if his chili is only two-and-a-half alarms, tops, there will be carnitas tacos and a psychedelic green chili mac-and-cheese. As ever, Cafe du Nord has Flaming Moe shots plus a mezcal-and-serrano cocktail, and there may be a low-fat eclair that should be thrown away if anyone tries to poison a restaurant critic with it.

Since money can be exchanged for goods and services, it’s $5 to play, which means there are prizes — and they’re much better than nails and broken glass in a big sugar bag. They’re giving away concert tickets and Simpsons merch, plus the grand prize is an embroidered Space Coyote jacket from cannabis company HiDesert.

Lindsey Naegle’s November is terrible, but if no one’s faxing better Sunday evening plans to your calf, come on out and try to beat the guy in the Stonecutter costume who won big that time. Cafe du Nord is easily accessible via the Escalator to Nowhere right near the Church Street Muni station, not far from the mixed-use condo made of popsicle sticks and the giant market-rate magnifying glass.

Classic Simpsons Trivia, Sunday, Nov. 18, 6 p.m., at Cafe du Nord, 2174 Market St. $5, tickets.

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