Cochon 555's Heritage BBQ Hits Magnolia Dogpatch Sept. 13

Fans of all that is porcine have reason to celebrate.

Cochon555’s Heritage BBQ competition tour, promoting heritage breed pigs and global grilling cultures, will take place Sunday, September 13 at the Magnolia Brewery at Dogpatch. 

While their flagship event Cochon 555 — often held in Napa — is a well-known pork event, “This is the first year Cochon555 will be hosting Heritage BBQ in San Francisco,” Brady Lowe, co-founder of Cochon, told SF Weekly.

Here’s the lowdown on the Heritage BBQ competition: Five chefs have seven days to prepare one whole, 180-pound, family farm-raised, heritage pig and present six dishes for a group of 20 notable judges. They're scored on utilization, global influences, and techniques and (of course) flavor. This second annual competition will feature chefs Dennis Lee of Smokestack/Namu Gaji, Geoff Davis of The Dock, Michael Rafidi of RN74, Nicolai Lipscomb of The Battery and John Madriaga of Spruce.

But what about us regular folks (aka non-judges) attending the event? No worries. It seems like Cochon's got us covered.

In addition to sampling the competitor’s dishes, attendees have access to “BBQ Traditions,” a tasting inside the event where 10 chefs prepare one dish from their favorite BBQ culture, including churrasco, Korean BBQ, char siu, barbacoa and more.

SF Weekly asked Lowe why event organizers decided to hold Heritage BBQ in San Francisco.

“San Francisco is a great market of socially conscious people, a demographic we truly identify with because our mission is to support local farmers,” says Lowe. “The event spotlights local farms and celebrates grilling styles from around the world. At Heritage BBQ, we are promoting a ‘decision to support local’ message that we hope will educate today’s influencers and ultimately travel to our youth — who are yet to make decisions about their own food.”

And, according to Lowe, there’s also a charity component to the event.

“With the launch of our new charity, Piggy Bank, we couldn’t pick a better city to launch our new cause and message that family farms are still the minority group that needs our support. We love the hand-crafted movement and we needed a market to kick off the Heritage BBQ five-city tour, of with the hopes they will be really receptive to the flavors, the charity and the cause,” says Lowe.

It’s not all just pork-related here, folks.

The stand-up tasting event features 1,400-plus pounds of heritage pig, pop-ups, premium wines, artisan cheese, sustainable seafood, hand-crafted spirits and a pretty big selection of whiskies, ryes and bourbon.

“If you enjoy Korean BBQ and bourbon, I could not suggest a finer way to spend your Sunday,” adds Lowe.

To quote from the movie Babe: “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

Cochon Heritage BBQ, Sunday, Sept. 13, 4 p.m., at Magnolia Brewery @ Dogpatch 2505 Third St. 

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