Coffee Bar To Open 40-Seat Restaurant In SOMA

What does the son of a family of coffee roasters do after opening and operating two successful coffee shops in the Bay Area's thrashing sea of competition? If you're Luigi DiRuocco — the youngest DiRuocco, the Italian-American family behind the near 30-year old Mr. Espresso and the mind behind the Coffee Bar cafes — you open a restaurant.

In late December Nathan Downs, the events and development coordinator for Coffee Bar, offered folks with a prior industry presence (i.e. “pop up dinners, food trucks, retail sales, Twitter, etc.”) the chance to apply to run dinner service at a 40-seat restaurant on Howard and 12th. Coffee Bar is using the space during the day as a commissary to supply their two current stores, but wants to offer the place during to a restauranter in the evening.  
DiRuocco said, “We are looking to food trucks and pop up restaurants because we wanted to offer the opportunity for someone to showcase their business who might not have a lot of upfront capital to work with.”


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