Coming Up: The Fancy Food Show

Get your pinkies ready San Francisco, because it’s time for the annual Winter Fancy Food Show.

Sunday, Jan. 17 kicks off the first of three days where attendees can explore over 80,000 specialty food products from 1,400 vendors, making the free samples at Costco look like child's play. Seventeen days should be long enough to comfortably convert any new year’s resolution-related weight goals into fancy food goals, including (but not limited to) “eat more fancy foods by the end of 2016.”

[jump] The event will be taking over Moscone Center, likely causing traffic jams — or is that artisan traffic preserves? — made up of elegantly overdressed gourmands looking to get ahead of the fanciest food trends, their monocles spit-shined and mustaches eagerly waxed in preparation.

Bay Area restaurant royalty will certainly be in attendance, making it the perfect opportunity to network, by which I mean talk your way into a hard-to-get reservation. It’s a more reliable plan than scouring OpenTable before dawn, at least.

The Fancy Food Show provides a rare chance to get face time with cheese societies, bona fide chocolate factories, and olive oil confectionaries, meaning you can ask the burning questions you’ve always wanted to, such as, “why is bleu cheese so sad?” and, “what percentage of your reasoning to start a chocolate factory was inspired by a certain book/movie?”

If you're less into pestering strangers and more into taste testing, then sample such fancy products as Harry & David gift baskets, twelve new products from The Republic of Tea, and if you’re feeling brave or looking for your next Instagrammable moment, a vegetarian chili company called Fartless.

In all seriousness, the Fancy Food Show is great for anyone who appreciates fine foods, and would enjoy the chance to experience the end result of businesses and people that are truly dedicated to their respective crafts. Your pinkie fingers will thank you. 

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