Contigo in Jack London Square? We Only Wish!

Last week in our two-part piece on Oakland's restaurant renaissance, we mentioned that an East Bay branch of San Francisco's new hot Spanish spot Contigo was coming to Jack London Square, joining, among others, the already-opened Miss Pearl's Jam House, and the forthcoming but delayed Bocanova from Rich Hackett of Marketbar and Bracina from Daniel Patterson and Lauren Kino.

Not so, Contigo's owner/chef Brett Emerson was quick to tell Eater SF, at least, not until the also-not-on-the-drawing-boards of Contigo in “Seattle…Vegas, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona 😉 …and we have no idea how that rumor got started.”

Well, we do. We started it. Checking our notes, we found that during a discussion with a knowledgeable Oakland foodie about Jack London Square projects, we jotted down a list including “Daniel Patterson's Bocanova, Contigo…”. We then spent time separating Daniel Patterson from Bocanova and uniting him with Bracina, neglecting to do the due diligence and call Emerson ourselves. Mea culpa.

It was a bit of wishful thinking on our part. Inflamed by our colleague Matthew Stafford's Contigo rave, we thought a second location was a no-brainer. (At least it was a no-brainer on our part.) But maybe Emerson will take the hint: “We currently have no plans to open a branch in the East Bay…”. That “currently” leaves the door open. If Contigo does eventually cross the bridge, we'll take credit for planting the seed.

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