Cowgirl Creamery: Your Guide to the New Old Cheeses

Cowgirl Creamery has always been an SFoodie favorite, and since the ladies have started adding new cheeses this year, we felt a more inclusive survey of the line was warranted. Here's a look at the new, and the old, aged cheeses.   (We'll get to the fresh cheeses in another post.)

Wagon Wheel

The newest cheese from Cowgirl is distinct from the rest in being made in 25 pound wheels rather than the smaller, self-contained ones that the Mt Tam variants come in. Cowgirl markets this as their “everyday” cheese.  Mid-yellow color, with a darkened, slightly waxy rind, this is dense and firm, with a modestly rubbery body, like a lightly aged mozzarella. It's pleasant and mild with a slight note of the rennet bringing a tiny tang toward the finish — like gruyère without the noticeable nuttiness.

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