Creme Brulee Man Rolls Out a New Cart ― And It's Totally Legal

You could say Crème Brulee Man Curtis Kimball was a founder father of the new-school street-food scene in this town. And while he quickly garnered attention from as far away as the New York Times, his rig didn't change much. And while new generations of vendors launched fully permitted, Kimball, for all his popularity, stayed informal. All that's about to change.

On Thursday, Kimball's rolling out a sharp new version of the Crème Brulee Cart with a prominent hand-washing sink. “Thursday evening launching the brand new permitted creme brûlée cart! Market and Sutter 4-7pm!” Kimball tweeted a few hours ago to his 14,000-plus followers, before leaking news that the first 250 brulee lovers will get a free mini treat.

Welcome to legit, Crème Brulee Man.

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