Crusta, a Bittersweet Cocktail at Som Bar

The Crusta is a lovely choice when you seek something bitter and sweet that packs a huge punch in a tiny glass, a mix of Bulleit rye, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, Royal Combier, lemon juice, and a dash of Fee Brothers bitters. The rye and the Royal Combier (which contains cognac) anchor this drink in grownup territory, but the maraschino liqueur and the sugar-crusted glass make it feel youthful. We're a bit embarrassed to say that we've been to Som Bar numerous times to check out DJs spinning hip-hop and electro (check out the profile of the DJ/owner/cocktail creator on our sister blog All Shook Down) but never bothered to have a drink before trying the Crusta. We now realize what a mistake that was.

Som Bar 2925 16th St. (at South Van Ness), 558-8521

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