CUESA Makes Veggies Sexy in New Muni Ads

What's long and hard, looks like male genitalia, and is all over San Francesco's public transportation?

The answer, surprisingly, is not male genitalia. Instead, it's vegetables in all their organic sexiness. CUESA, the organization which runs the popular Saturday farmer’s market at the Ferry Building — among many other things — has released a new Muni ad campaign showcasing the beauty of fruits and veggies that might not necessarily be pleasing to the eye, but are so good for the body. The “ugly” fruit trend has been gaining traction — for example, in France, where a year-old law forbids supermarkets from tossing less-than-beautiful vegetables —  and this campaign seeks to support it in a way only San Francisco can. Even if your eggplant looks almost like Richard Nixon in profile.
“Undersized or oddly shaped but perfectly edible produce is often rejected by grocery stores' rigid cosmetic standards and left to rot in the fields,” the organization reminds us. But CUESA knows that every piece of produce has something to offer, much in the way people do.

“Farmers markets are sexy, especially in the summer,” says Executive Director Marcy Coburn. “At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, we've got sunshine, beautiful food, gorgeous views, and enticing people — all perfect conditions for finding love.”

Let’s be honest — who among us hasn’t perused the local produce aisle only to fantasize about a particularly enticing cucumber? 

But now, thanks to CUESA, San Franciscans can “swipe ripe” on a booty-shaped strawberry, so juicy and tantalizing in its imperfection. “Eggplant envy” gives us all something to strive for, while sending a silent nod to the emoji we all depend on in our deepest darkest sexts. Witnessing carrots entangled in a steamy “casual encounter” will make anyone feel some #relationshipgoals, but also maybe be hungry for some steamed carrots.

The Muni ads will run through mid-June, but the Ferry Plaza farmer’s markets run all summer on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. And unless you’re intending to purchase, please try to avoid making out with the produce. 

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