Decision on Tonga Room Put Off Till Next Year

How long did it take to lash the ships' ropes and assemble the thatch for the Tonga Room back in 1945? We bet it was considerably less than the long years it'll take to decide its fate. At our sister blog The Snitch, Chris Roberts ponders the Planning Commission's Thursday punt. Roberts:

Sure, the Fairmont Hotel's tiki bar is… unique, but the hotel wants it out of its ground floor. Now. But this is San Francisco, and the Tiki Lounge was declared historic back in May, meaning all parts of it must be preserved. That didn't help the decision-making ability of the Planning Commission on Thursday, who booted a decision on what to do with the Polynesian Lounge until January 2011.

Jesus. If this is a city with enough ambivalence to shunt a coffee cart out of Dolores Park nine months after it was given the nod to move in, how long will it take to re-site an entire tiki bar? Read Robertson's full story at The Snitch.

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