Deep-Fried Butter: Ultimate State Fair Gross-Out or Stroke of Genius?

We'll have to wait and see if the latest fatty food from the State Fair of Texas — deep-fried butter — ever becomes the subject of a food eating contest in the Joey Chestnut style. Chances are that watching anyone eat a deep-fried butter stick may make viewers feel icky, amused, nauseated, and fascinated, all in one fell swoop.

Yesterday, fair organizers named deep-fried butter as one of eight finalists for food competitions at the fair's annual Big Texas Awards. We're still trying to decide if fat fried in fat is a kind of easy fallback, or exponentially more creative than the kind of typical artery-clogging fair fare we spotted recently at the San Mateo County Fair: deep-fried veggies, deep-fried Twinkies, deep-fried Oreos, and huge hunky hot dogs. What we do know is this: As for the rest of the Big Texas finalists, others up for consideration seemed to take a more complicated route from an ingredient standpoint. That includes stuffed cherry peppers, deep-fried peaches and cream (is that a porn title just waiting to happen?), and country-fried pork chips, meant to be dipped in gravy.

The “winners” from this group will be announced on Monday.


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