DeLise Dessert Cafe: Tiny Treats and Giant Ice Cream Scoops

For space reasons, the paragraph I wrote about Dennis and Eloise Leung's DeLise Dessert Cafe disappeared from this week's roundup of micropatisseries. The couple, former pastry chefs at Bong Su, opened a small cafe on Bay Street after the birth of their son, Gabriel. The two don't just believe in working out a small space, they make tiny desserts, too. Their cookies are the size of ping-pong balls, their cupcakes disappear in two bites, and their bars ― I particularly loved the butterscotch blondie and the fudge brownies ― were easily a third the size of the other bakeries' bars I tasted. Almost everything on the menu costs less than $2. Over e-mail, I asked them about why they chose to work in such a small scale. The Leungs wrote back:

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