Details on Daniel Patterson's Purchase of Alfred's Steakhouse

Alfred’s Steakhouse, we hardly knew ye.

Alfred’s has been a known entity in the world of high-quality dining for almost 100 years, but it seems even the restaurants with the deepest roots aren’t immune from the changes that come with time.

[jump] The San Francisco steakhouse famous for its old-school cool just announced it will be changing ownership in early 2016, sold to one Chef Daniel Patterson, famous for his Michelin-starred Coi, which I would link to, but it seems they’ve been too busy buying my favorite restaurant to keep up their domain.

In an email sent over the weekend, current owner Marco Petri informed diners that he and his father Al, the current owner of Alfred’s, have accepted an offer from Patterson, transferring ownership to him. It’s also worth mentioning that in almost the same breath, it was announced that Patterson will stepping down from his role as Chef at Coi.

The email explains that Chef Patterson “intends to continue the Alfred’s tradition,” and Mark, the General Manager, confirmed this line of thought — with the caveat that once the restaurant changes hands, Patterson is free to do as he likes with it.

After the handoff becomes official in mid-January, the restaurant will close for renovations, which Mark told me means new carpets, an updated kitchen, and a slew of other refurbishments that won't deviate from the classic steakhouse vibe. Mark also joked that the new Alfred’s will feature better vegetables, and a 30 percent increase in menu prices (though I have no confirmation on either of these predictions).

Fans of the restaurant (and good food) have a few more months in which to guarantee enjoyment of Alfred’s famous mesquite-grilled steaks, generously portioned Manhattans, and trailblazing service charge. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Chef Patterson will keep the excellent wait-staff on board, as these people exemplify the dying art of true service. I’m told he wants experienced, professional staff, but it’s up to each individual whether or not they want to stay.

So snatch up reservations while you still can, then get ready to bid farewell to this fine establishment — come January, we will be looking at a whole new Alfred’s.   

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