Devil's Teeth Baking Company, the Outer Sunset's New Destination Spot

SFoodie could be forgiven for walking by the Outer Sunset's Devil's Teeth Baking Company and not even realizing it was open. Barely two weeks old, the storefront still lacks a proper awning, and the only signage is an 8 ½-X-11 sheet of printer paper taped to the window. Once we stepped inside however, it was clear that Devil's Teeth is already a very busy neighborhood hangout.

Hugs and hellos awaited just about everyone who ventured in; moms presided over a Blue Bottle coffee klatsch, showing off the local elementary school's fundraising prowess; and at 8:30 on a sunny weekday morning, the muffins were already sold out. That sad news digested, we snagged a spot at the wooden counter, inhaled the salty ocean air, and dug into breakfast.

The breakfast sandwich ($5) is an instant signature item (it, too, sold out, but not before we could order). Two slices of crispy Daily's bacon lay atop a mound of perfectly cooked soft scrambled eggs and a slice of mild cheddar, all encased in a salty, buttery biscuit that didn't fall apart. A square of carrot cake ($3) was exceedingly moist, studded with shreds of real carrot and, thankfully, no rock-hard raisins. A layer of luscious cream cheese frosting added just a hint of sweetness.

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