Dim Sum Vs. Grilled Cheese: Vote for Your Favorite

Over the weekend we mildly pissed off the Grilled Cheez Guy by forgoing his product to go review a dim sum restaurant. He called us out on Twitter, but we are not ashamed to say that, while we like grilled cheese, we prefer dim sum by a banquet-sized margin.

But others started weighing in, including our friend Marlena Spieler, who has written a book on grilled cheese, so she's not exactly unbiased.

So we decided to take this food smackdown to you, our readers.

Which is better: Dim sum, or grilled cheese? Vote for your favorite. Voting closes at 5 p.m. Thursday. Afterwards, if we're lucky (and/or intoxicated), we hope to interview the winner.

Vote! And Michael — you only get one vote. You too, Marlena.

Which is better: Dim sum or grilled cheese?

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