Distilled Moustache: Brilliant Fake Press Release Submitted to Eater SF

Monday is already off to a good start, thanks to another fake press release submission to Eater SF for a new bar called DISTILLED MOUSTACHE. The same jokester sent a fake release to Eater a few weeks ago for a restaurant called Reclaimed Wood & Subway Tiles, which claimed to have ingredients sourced from “pop-up farms,” a menu that changed hourly “to provide the freshest ingredients and trends available,” and a chef who “once parked Thomas Keller's Prius.”

But they've really outdone themselves with the new DISTILLED MOUSTACHE press release, which swiftly satirizes all the current mixology clichés including bar names with ampersands/impossible-to-say acronyms and ridiculous-sounding cocktail ingredients (which the bar plans to grow in an “underground greenhouse”).

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