Doggy Bag: Bloody Crime

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Bobbing for apples: After recent ABC crackdowns, state liquor license regulators may have muddied the waters about whether or not mixing up sangria (in Spanish, “bloody”) in a commercial establishment is a crime. For Hoodscope blogger Aly, it'd be a crime not to indulge. Today she flaunts half a dozen local favorites, from the rite-of-passage pitchers at Cha Cha Cha (you can't truly say you've lived in San Francisco without first loving, then sort of hating the elixir Aly calls “inconsistent”) to the fusiony Asian mixup at Burma Superstar and B Star (lychees, Asian pears, Fujis).

But the one she love-loves? Limon Rotisserie's hammer-delay thirst quencher (“it may take you a few glasses to feel a nice buzz … [but] with plenty of chopped fruit dices, it's often you'll get a piece of fruit with every sip and sometimes an ice chip here and there”). Read Aly's complete listicle here. And if, next time you're out, you witness a barkeep getting cuffed for adding fruit to cheap red wine, well: At least you'll know it was worth it.

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