Doggy Bag: Ike's Wants to Pack Vending Machines with Sandwiches?

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Y'Ike's: On Wednesday, Mission Mission specublogged about the possibility of Ike's Sandwiches showing up in vending machines, a possibility as intriguing as the taste of three-day-old Dirty Sauce sucked from a cardigan sleeve. An online survey hints at M.I.L.F.s rotating in a Dixie-Narco someday, maybe soon. The survey asks questions like: “If you were at a laundromat and you were craving an Ike's Place sandwich, would you appreciate the option to buy a morning prepared Ike's Place sandwich from a vending machine?” Mission Mission registers the skepticism we must all be feeling: “That Halal chicken sauce will eat through your fresh-baked roll leaving you with a soggy mess the likes of which you haven't seen since your mom didn't separate out the J in your PB&J lunch back in grade school.”

But seriously, if we're at a laundromat craving Ike's, chances are we're high. Which means chances are we're not going to mind a fresh-baked roll so saturated it resembles a disc of kombucha SCOBY. So yes, Ike, pack the Fiesta Laundromat with Vegan Cow Tippers and Sexy Boys. We'll bring dollars.

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