Doggy Bag: The Road to Peking

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Pumped: Never let it be said that cooking isn't one part inspiration, two parts fetishization. Yesterday, Viet World Kitchen's Andrea Nguyen offered tip on inflating a bird ― a duck, that is, on the multistep, labor-intensive route to becoming Peking. “The elaborate process takes days,” Nguyen writes, “so I hope you'll join in the process and see what happens along the way. You'll either laugh, cry, and/or get hungry.” Frankly, we're still waiting, scrolling down-page with fascination as Nguyen works out the best way to blow air into the space between her duck's flesh and its epidermis, a detail crucial for getting skin as brittle as baked kitchen parchment. Bamboo tube and lung power, air compressor, bicycle pump: Nguyen judged each insufficient, settling instead on the foot pump that came with her crunch exercise ball. Success: Pumped up like pecs on a gym queen, the duck is ready for VWK's next installment, which Nguyen describes as “scalding and giving the duck a tan.” Just like experiencing some gateway first episode of Real Housewives, we're already seriously hooked, waiting for the tears.

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