Doggy Bag: Today's Odds and Ends

Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Slumming: Bits + Bites' Jordan Mackay Q&As New York sommelier-turned taco-eating new Quince somm David Lynch. Who knew? We thought Lynch was the guy who made Blue Velvet, but it turns out he's the kind of bearded, brainy-looking ex-Babbo wine genius who sports a pink button-down and blazer on Mission Street, clutching what we're guessing is a $50 Chardonnay. Mackay asks him about the transition west, which, from the looks of things, hasn't yet included a vintage plaid-shirt-shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange. The takeaway? La Taqueria is the kind of place New Yorkers find brilliant, Michael Tusk is the kind of chef New Yorkers find brilliant, and Philz Coffee makes the kind of latte New Yorkers find brilliant. It all tells us more about New Yorkers than it does about S.F. Frankly, we're waiting for Lynch to lose the blazer and venture into a taqueria where you wouldn't dare tote even a screwcap white. Apparently unaware of his own irony, Lynch says, “San Francisco is perceived as somewhat precious, a little bit navel-gazing.” Right.


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