Dollar-Bill-Filled Tenderloin Dive High Tide Cocktails Has Shuttered

We'll always have our memories of the wonderfully tacky painting of the woman exposing her nipple.

May we bring you further bad news today, even if it isn’t quite the same as the destruction of a 800-year-old Gothic cathedral? Broke-Ass Stuart reported over the weekend that High Tide Cocktails, universally known as the High Tide, closed earlier this month.

Part of SF Weekly‘s Top 50 Dive Bars from 2016, the (mostly) dog-friendly and cash-only spot was known for its playfully attitude-filled bartending staff, many of them Korean-American women, and for the kitschy painting of the woman with her breast exposed that was long the focal point of the bar itself. But more than anything, the High Tide was known for being covered in stapled-up dollar bills, hundreds and hundreds of them, on the walls and ceiling, almost all of them doodled on by years of tipsy patrons. It was as if someone had raided their own tip jar on a Saturday night and paid it forward for the decor, but all you had to do was ask for a Sharpie and you could add to the collection. 

Between that and the red-and-blue neon sign, full of waves on the northwest corner of Geary and Jones streets, it’s another small loss for a city reeling from this plague of closures. 

High Tide Cocktails, 600 Geary St.

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