Domo Arigato, Star Stream Wafflegato

Our hands have finally stopped jittering long enough to let us write about the wafflegato ($6), the maniacally brilliant dessert mashup for coffee lovers from the folks at Star Stream. The wafflegato starts with the Liege-style waffle SFoodie has already called out for excellence, only with the stimulating addition of coarsely ground Blue Bottle espresso beans in the batter. The waffle maker/barista ― perhaps the ultimate jack-of-all-trades ― pulls a double espresso (also Blue Bottle) and ladles a scoop of Straus vanilla ice cream onto the waffle. As instructed, you pour the hot espresso over the waffle and go to work, as the ice cream immediately begins to melt.

Not known to randomly spew profanities, we surprised ourselves when we belted out, “Oh fuck yeah!” after the first bite. The brute strength of the espresso hit us hard initially, and then the crunchy, candylike bits of espresso bean kicked in to put the whole thing into dark-roast overdrive. Finally, and mercifully, the ice cream settled our taste buds down a bit, readying us for another bite. We left stuffed and energized, ready for a jog and a nap. We didn't know which to have first.

Star Stream: 1830 Harrison (at 14th St.), 864-6370.

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