Don't Panic: Bender's Is Not Losing Its Tots!

Giordano Bros.' North Beach location is shuttering, which means that the French fry-stuffed sandwiches will soon be available only in the Mission shop. Elsewhere in the Mission, another starchy, potato-based emergency was averted when, as Uptown Almanac reports, Bender's is keeping its tater tots in spite of losing its chef and getting a new menu. The pieces fall into place tonight, for Whiskey Wednesday.

[jump] Allegedly, he's been talking about this for about a year now, but Sean Asmar is moving full-time to Downtown Oakland late-night spot Analog. But not only are the tater tots sticking around, the (tentative) new menu has a bunch of surprises, especially given the ambient scuzz of a punk rock bar. There's a fried chicken in a biscuit sandwich with a house pickle, habanero-honey, and horseradish slaw ($10), a whiskey burger made with whiskey onions and baby gem lettuce ($11), cast iron-seared fish tacos (AQ), an heirloom tomato salad with apple vinaigrette ($9), and a chicken and sausage gumbo with housemade “Rice a Roni” ($10). And there's plenty more. Everything is sustainably raised, line-caught, and organic when possible, and it's all made in-house.

Now for the bad news. The tots are $6 when they used to be $5. Commence wailing and gnashing of teeth about how techies ruined the Mission, everything sucks now, and we should all move to Detroit.

Bender's Bar and Grill, 806 S. Van Ness, 415-824-1800.

[Via Uptown Almanac]

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