Dosa by Dosa Opens Friday at The Hive in Uptown Oakland

The third project by the DOSA team, it's got a casual approach — with breakfast and an all-day cocktail bar.

The two DOSAs, one on Valencia Street in the Mission and the other on Fillmore Street in Japantown, have long been higher-end South Indian staples of their respective restaurants. In the last year-and-a-half, there’s been a new crop of upscale regional Indian cuisine, led by August 1 Five, Babu Ji, and Rooh. But for their third restaurant, DOSA founders Anjan and Emily Mitra opted to go in the other direction.

Opening Friday, Dec. 15 in The Hive at 2301 Broadway in Uptown Oakland, dosa by Dosa is a more casual spot for tandoori dishes, rotis, Indian street food, and an all-day cocktail bar. A dosa grill up front and two tandoor ovens at the rear will churn out dishes like a Tamil lamb dosa with sambar and fresh coconut and tomato chutneys. Among the hot masala chai, lassi, and fresh-squeeze sugarcane juice, you can find boozy slushies and “spice-driven” cocktails by Nora Furst (Delarosa, Lolinda). Look for intriguing creations like the Fenugreek Molecule (scotch, amontillado sherry, fenugreek, maple, orange peel, and Gran Classico) and the Mustard Old-Fashioned (made with bourbon, brown-mustard bitters, and jaggery, that healthful raw sugarcane juice also known as gur).

Apart from standards like a chicken tikka masala bowl served with naan, there are also contemporary items like a coconut kale mung salad — and breakfast. Every morning until 11 a.m., you can get an egg-and-cheese dosa, a tandoor-baked naan filled with things like saag paneer or turkey sausage, or the South Indian pongal, an oatmeal alternative made with slow-cooked basmati rice, lentils, toasted cashews, raisins, and jaggery. 

One wall bears a mural of Chandni Chowk, the 400-year-old Mughal-era Delhi landmark also known as Moonlight Square market, while Oakland artists Namita Kapoor and Gundi Vigfusson put up a restroom mural that pays homage to Indian truck art. In other words, the atmosphere at dosa by Dosa might be casual compared to its companion restaurants in S.F., but it’s no slouch in the visual department.

dosa by Dosa, at The Hive, 2301 Broadway, Oakland,


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