Dreamy! Bowling with Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and the Kitchen Sisters

If you’ve ever wanted to hang out and talk shop with Alice Waters, as well as Michael Pollan, Judith Belzer, Angelo Garro, Armistead Maupin, Amy Tan, and Roman Coppola, stake your claim on a fundraising ticket for the night of Tuesday, June 23. A one-of-a-kind fundraiser will be held at the Mission Bowling Club, and it's also the first annual shindig for the Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva). They're the smart, award-winning duo known for unearthing fascinating culinary treasures on the radio airwaves via killer research and visits to kitchens around the world.

[page] Eel pie, Sicilian pizza, atomic wine, Rice-A-Roni, and West Bank olive oil are but a few of the intriguing stories from The Kitchen Sisters—this is storytelling that deserves to be funded. The line-up almost guarantees that their fundraiser will have a definite “Pinch me; is this real?” vibe. Plus, there's the added bonus of no boring speeches, standard fare at many fundraising events. Instead, for the $150 price of admission, guests can expect to schmooze, eat, drink, and bowl (working in public radio does not equal mountains of cash, believe me). To make things even sweeter, the skills of a 91-year-old “rough tough cream puff” named Grace Malloy will be highlighted for the event. She sounds like she could be a Kitchen Sister herself:

“Grace has won most every bowling trophy there is in Santa Maria, California. Grace is a life-long bowler with a lot of tricks up her sleeve and is currently in two leagues. Last week she bowled twice and scored over 175 in both games.

Grace is 91 years old and legally blind. The only things she likes more than bowling are her granddaughter, Brandi (who works with The Kitchen Sisters) and public radio.” 

Seriously, you're going to lose to this nonagenarian. She's going to get, like, five strikes.

Bowling with Grace: The First Annual Kitchen Sisters Bowling Party & FundraiserThursday, June 23, 6-10 p.m., at Mission Bowling Club, 3176 17th St., 415-863-2695.

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