Drink 2013: The Only Constant in S.F. Nightlife is Change

Once you've got a few years of drinking in bars and clubs under your belt, you think you know the rules. But even things as established as booze and nightlife can sometimes take weird and unexpected turns — a theme we're exploring in this year's DRINK issue. To wit: Instead of mixing drinks after you order them, Bay Area bartenders are now creating an entirely new class of cocktail by barrel-aging their concoctions for weeks. Local brewers are taking a break from the usual NorCal hop-forward style to make sour and wild-yeast beers with funky “barnyard” flavors, just like they do in Belgium. San Francisco club nights are eschewing DJs for producers who are performing live, albeit with a laptop or sampler instead of a backing band. And California winemakers are going rogue and turning out small-batch, experimental wines using offbeat methods and grape varieties. We've also put together lists of our favorite places for cocktails, beer, wine, and general misbehaving. Just goes to show that the only constant is change. Well, that, and our willingness to go out and drink at the slightest provocation.

DRINK 2013

Barrel-Aged Cocktails Sing in the City
By Lou Bustamante

Cocktails Listings

Sour Beer Gets Its Due
By Jason Henry

Beer Listings

Small Batch is the Second Coming of Local Wine
By Stevie Stacionis

Wine Listings

Drink 2013: Dance Music Goes Live at S.F. Clubs
By Derek Opperman

Nightlife Listings

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