Drink of the Week: Falooda from Bombay Ice Creamery

If you’ve ever been drinking something and thought to yourself, “I wish this was more like eating a….salad/noodle bowl,” you should definitely check out the Falooda.

Ordering a Falooda at Bombay Ice Creamery will start a chain reaction. As soon as the Technicolor-pink concoction is handed to you, someone will ask “What is that?” and the next five people in line will order one out of sheer curiosity.

The Falooda, a popular drink in India, is kind of like a milk shake, made with your choice of ice cream (I recommend ginger) doused in rose syrup, milk, and topped off with vermicelli and basil seeds. The basil seeds get stuck in your teeth, the syrup is sickly sweet, and the vermicelli is bizarrely crunchy, but the overall affect is delicious.

-Andy Wright

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