Drink of the Week: The Carrot Margarita at Wayfare Tavern

I was lured into Wayfare Tavern not so much by the celebrity chef, Tyler Florence, nor for the cocktails either. I was there pushing my way through the throng of tall suits and pink shirts for the Wayfare Burger “Le Grand” ($19, grass-fed proprietary grind, Marin brie, roasted onion, smoked bacon, brîoche bun). And yes it's a great burger — certainly too far out of my price range to make it a regular stop, but definitely a consideration for those working their way through the San Francisco burger trail.

While sitting at the bar (where else would I eat?) watching the bartender maneuver around the beer taps and a column in the corner that seemed to require so much contortionism that I half expected him to do a Sun Salutation, I became intrigued by the cocktails he was making. The list, divided into classics and originals, spans eight drinks including the fantastic Carrot Margarita ($11, blanco tequila, Damiana Liqueur, lime, carrot juice).

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