Eat Carbs, Donate to the ACLU

Unlike many companies that tag along on Pride, Postmates puts its money where its mouth is with a $2 donation to the ACLU for all liquor and pastry orders placed this weekend.

Every year a slew of multi-million-dollar corporations spend thousands of dollars on colorful Pride floats and branded swag to hand out to revelers. It’s a bizarre, commercialized way to celebrate queer rights, but some companies take a different approach and put their money where their mouth is. Postmates, the popular food delivering app, announced that $2 will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union for every bakery or liquor order submitted during Pride Weekend in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Yes, that means you can cure your Pride hangover (with either hair of the dog or carbs) all from the comfort of your couch, guilt-free.

April Conyers, the Senior Director of Communications of Postmates, said the initiative reflects the company’s mission to promote equality for all.

“We have always believed in the equal dignity of all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, race or gender,” Conyers said. “This belief extends to encompass our employees, our merchants and fleet, and the entire LGBTQ+ community.”

As we’ve previously reported, a controversial Supreme Court case about a gay wedding cake caused many San Francisco LGBTQ+ leaders to call out discriminatory attitudes just earlier this month. Thus, Postmates decided baked goods was a worthy symbolic category for donations.

“Everyone has a right to love, and everyone has a right to eat cake,” Conyers said.

The fundraiser starts Friday, June 22 and extends through Sunday, June 24. The company chose to hold these fundraisers at San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles because these three cities hold some of the country’s largest Pride parades, according to Conyers. With an estimated four million participants in the past parades of those three cities alone, the final donation Postmates ends up giving could be a sizable one.

Companies all around the city and the Castro rushed to show support and broke out rainbow themed products and logos in preparation for this month. After all, San Francisco maintains a great history of  fighting for LGBTQ+ rights; the renowned rainbow flag was created right in this very city.

The Guardian points out that San Francisco’s Pride Parade has received negative feedback regarding a heavy tech-company presence that people feel detracts from the original theme of acceptance. Though some say these companies mean well, other attendees view their floats and booths as shameless advertising.

Still, some companies have found a way to make a difference. H&M will donate 10 percent of funds from its Pride Collection to the UN Free and Equal campaign, and AT&T gave $1 million to the Trevor Project this month.

Regardless of what you’re doing this weekend, do it with pride; and if stuffing your face means you’re a better ally, then we say let them eat cake.

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