Eat Filipino Food at Pistahan Festival This Weekend

18th Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival

When: Saturday, Aug. 13-Sunday, Aug. 14, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Yerba Buena Gardens

Cost: Free

Hungry? Head to the Pistahan Parade and Festival at the Yerba Buena Gardens this weekend for Filipino jazz, dance, arts, and, of course, food.

Get hungry now, because the festival will have an adobo cook-off and a balut-eating contest. For the uninitiated, balut is fertilized duck egg, eaten after being boiled. Adobo is a lot easier to take for newbies: it's meat (usually pork or chicken) marinated in a vinegar-garlic sauce and simmered. You could also try your luck in the longaniza (sausage) eating contest instead.

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