Eat This: Dragon Beaux's Duck Burrito

Dim sum all day is one reason to check out Dragon Beaux, the newish San Francisco lovechild of the Koi Palace & M.Y. China restaurant empires. Of the scores of items, heed the call of the duck burrito — even if technically this offering is more of a roll versus an actual burrito by California standards.

[jump] Still, the $6.88 duck burrito is a testament to one kitchen’s take on multiculturism that works. It’s fresh, interesting, and delicious, because it melds moist Peking style duck with perfect batonnets of cucumber. Judicious use of hoisin and cilantro sprigs made me wonder if my dining partner will eat her half, and the onion pancake standing in for a tortilla would be equally delicious with a swipe of cream cheese and smoked salmon should Dragon Beaux decide to roll out another version.

Bonus: Your duck-inspired daydreams may come with the instrumental soundtracks from Evita or Titanic.

Burritos welcomed at: writereadeat at gmail. Or Twitter: @loquitaladd

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