Eating Well, and Punctuating Even Better: A SFoodie Lunch Planner

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You don't have to be a vegan, a rawist, or a copyeditor to totally dig lunch here, though it certainly wouldn't hurt. Yeah, Alive! uses zero animal foods (including honey — sorry for all the bowls of Honeycomb we've racked up, bees!), and nothing is “cooked” in the way your mom could wrap her head around. But this is also a restaurant with a particular reverence for the punctuation mark, from the exclamation point to inverted commas. Ponder that while tucking into raw avocado bisque, marinara “pasta” (i.e. vegetable ribbons), and apple pie topped with Tibetan goji berries and whipped “cream.” Alive!, 1972 Lombard (at Webster), 923-1052.

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