Ed Lee: Father, Mayor, Recipe Developer

SFoodie received our complimentary copy of the 132-page Ed Lee Story on Monday, and immediately skimmed it to look for photos. (Yes, the mustache has been there since the 1960s.) Among Lee's many skills extolled in the biography — community organizing, “rolling up his sleeves,” “getting the job done” — it reveals Mayor Lee to be a creative cook.

Page 104 reveals for all time the recipe for Lee's own poongaloong, a recipe he apparently developed as a youngster and has “served to policitians, federal court judges, district attorneys, and other unsuspecting guests,” though his wife won't eat it. According to the Chron, alpha supporter Rose Pak ostensibly wheedled the recipe out of Lee.

SFoodie had every intention of making the macaroni-and-hamburger casserole. But it calls for a half-bottle of ketchup. And it makes so, so much poongaloong. So you're going to have to make it and report back to us. We'd suggest adding the sausage, though if you're going to add the celery, sauté it a little first:

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