Elvis is Alive ― in Cheetos Dust

Portraits of Elvis ― you know, the poorly painted specimens you see lining the plywood walls of ironic dive bars ― are cheesier than a block of Velveeta. Fittingly, Colorado Springs artist Jason Baalman has elected to fashion a lickable likeness of the King using a large pile of neon-orange cheese puffs ― brushed, crushed, and smeared onto a canvas of black velvet. Who needs expensive, inedible oil paints when you can just roll with Yellow #6 and the textural wonder that is the Cheeto? You can watch Baalman do his fairly stunning work here and, if you're so compelled, order $20 prints off eBay. Looks like he's done one of Morgan Spurlock too ― using, naturally, a dozen packets of ketchup and a few orders of French fries.

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