Enjoy a Staycation with the 'BRU/SFO' Belgian Beer Month

Everybody seems a little tense these days. With all the worldwide protests and political squabbling, we'd like to pack up a suitcase and go #Occupy the Belgian countryside for a while. Some sugar waffles and a goblet of rich, Belgian ale would do the trick.

Well, a boy can dream. Thankfully, the folks at Magnolia and 21st Amendment are coming to the rescue next week. For their 3rd annual 'BRU/SFO'event, Bay Area locals can take a much-needed virtual tour through the world of Belgian brew. November will see each brewery release six Belgian-style beers.

Magnolia's Dave McLean notes that “From a brewers' perspective, this is a fun opportunity to dive a bit deeper than usual into a unique and diverse brewing culture that's both steeped in tradition and full of experimentation.” To that end, both breweries are concocting a stylistically diverse lineup for the month:

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