Enough Already with the End-of-Year and End-of-Decade Lists!

For the past two months, we've seen so many silly end-of-year and end-of-decade lists rolling across our computer screens — via Facebook, blogs, newspapers — we're inclined to compile our own silly list of our least favorite ones.

For starters, we'd go with this little tasting menu of sustainable food wisdom from Change.org: Five Foods You Should Avoid in 2010. We're not taking issue with all of what's included, exactly, just wondering if any of it is particularly helpful. Apart from some contrarian bellows from the likes of Bourdain (who, when he's not on the job, probably eats more like Alice Waters than he prefers to let on), we don't believe we've seen a whole lot of food people advocating their comrades fry up orange roughy, eat hormone-laced roast chickens, or savor Chilean strawberries in December. And foie gras? That's an issue perpetually ripe for discussion, but if only the wealthiest people in the world get to eat it, is it really worth lumping in with factory farms and high-fructose corn syrup, calorie sources for plebes?

Maybe our years in the Bay Area have given us a case of cultural amnesia, but we can't imagine anyone anywhere inclined to make a point of reading Change.org's list would feel particularly enlightened, especially since 2009 saw more people in more places get into eating as activism. Perhaps if it'd been published in the Weekly Standard or yelped into a microphone by Bill O'Reilly — then that'd be news.

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